Vinalies Internationales Awards

Begun in 1993, this prestigious international competition in Paris, France, grants the most coveted awards in the winemaking world.

We have entered this heralded competition twice, and have been honored with the gold medal for champagne in 2001, and the silver medal for ice wine, in 2003. We were the first and only American winery so honored with the gold for champagne.

Our way of life demands the relentless pursuit of excellence.

We must individually nurture thousands upon thousands of vines; farmed sustainably and hand-picked to insure only the best grape composition; and, endlessly experiment to achieve a unique product identity.

While our champagne has provided the foundation for international recognition, our winemaker, J. Maki (mack′e Finnish), has expertly crafted a bold, distinctive presentation of red and white varietals, in the European premium dry wine tradition.

Our focus is to marry great wine with individuals that believe fine wine is a wonderful enhancement to the life experience.


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